Sympathy from the devil

President George Bush heeft Barack Obama, de senator uit Illinois die Amerika’s eerste zwarte president wordt, gefeliciteerd met zijn verkiezingsoverwinning. “Wat een geweldige avond was het voor je”, liet hij Obama weten.

“Je staat op het punt om een van de belangrijkste reizen van je leven te maken. Gefeliciteerd en geniet ervan”, zei Bush. “Well, of course”, Barack said. “It will be quite a journey to clean up your mess. But you know what? I’ll enjoy it anyway. And I wish you a very succesful retirement. It will be so if you sit tight. Would that be possible?” The silence was simply breath taking. “You see’, Barack finally said. “We can!” 

“God bless America”, George answered because he didn’t know anything else to say. His aunt had taught him to say it wehenever he was out off words. Then Barack lost his temper. “Your fucking God doesn’t know what blessing is all about”, he cried and then he threw the telephone on the hook. It was really spooky.

Till strongness,

Kaj Elhorst


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