Missing speech


(George Bush):

 “My fellow Americans,

 As from this morning 0.600 a.m my Ethiopian brigades are crossing the border of Somalia. I ordered them to do so to reinstate chaos in that country. That will best serve our goals in fighting terrorists and muslims in general. By doing so I created the possibility for our air force and navy to hunt down and destroy terrorist camps and innocent farmers in the south of Somalia. And remember: we will prevail by fighting until the last Ethiopian.

Secondly I ordered to send another 20.000 of our finest boys and girls to Iraq to fight terrorists and anyone who looks like them in that country. They wil be sent in fases and will return in vases because of industing by Iraqi rebels. It’s a beautiful thing to know these boys and girls will reach their utter destiny shortly.

Meantime the Chinese pay our national debts. I am very grateful for this contribution to our enduring dumbdom in the case of fighting terrorism. Of course my critics will have something to say about our relationship with China. I would strongly advise them not to do so. If the Chinese would decide to withdraw their investments from our contry we would find ourselves on the level of Somalians.

This, my fellow-Americans, is the State of the Union. Thank you en God bless you all!”

Tot sterkte,

Kaj Elhorst





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