Hello guys! This time I’ve decided to write in English because I hope an international audience to lend me an ear or eye. 

Why? It’s because something weighs heavily on my chest since a long time and this thing has international repercussions. You know, from the time mister George Bush has gained power in de Useless States of
America there is one expression I am hearing all the time: “The international community”. I wonder what it is because I can see no such thing. There are, of course, states that comply fully with mr Bushes wishes and I strongly believe the president thinks of those countries any time he refers to the international community. But of what countries does this community exist? First there are the loving lapdogs like
Great Britain and
Holland. Then there is a curious mix of states like autocratic Syria, Bjelorussia, Saudi-Arabia en thirdly there are the enlightened autocracies like Pakistan, Russia, Egypt and, astonishing truth, shortly Lybia was introduced to the gang.

Now head of State and government in Lybia is mister Khadafi, one time bombed out of his tents because of terrorist actions. Khadafi, in my view, is the most cunning dictator of the entire galaxy, who founded his power on a thoroughly fabricated basis of murder and extortion. It is said, by the way, that mister Bush has some know-how in the last field as well. It is not surprising that self-appointed peacemaker Bush embraces this born criminal of a president (or whatever you might call him). In the first place internationally Khadafi has kept aloof for a couple of years. Moreover, he has got oil and might be an outstanding alternative for Iranian oil deliveries. And so, my friends, we come to the bottom of this would-be international community: slippery dirt. 

Thank you and keep the good job going! 

Kaj Elhorst 


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